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My name is Courtney Smith. I've been investing professionally for over 45 years. I've done just about everything in the investment arena:

  • #1 Stock Letter: Hulbert ranked my Wall Street Winners newsletter as the #1 profitable newsletter for 5 years
  •  #1 Market Timer: Timer's Digest ranked me as the #1 bond and gold market timer and #2 stock market timer for 3 years in a row.
  •  #1 Growth Mutual Fund Manager: Morningstar ranked my growth mutual fund as the #1 performing growth mutual fund.
  • #1 Global Macro Hedge Fund Manager: Alvest ranked my hedge fund as the #1 global macro hedge fund

In addition, I have been the CEO of two brokerage firms, the treasurer of a Swiss bank, and head of research for two Wall Street firms. I have spoken to hundreds of thousands of people, wrote 10 books, and been on TV over 1000 times.

I'm telling you this not to brag but to show you that I'm not like any other newsletter editor in the world. They pretty much know nothing. I need you to know that I will help you crush the market.

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How I Completely Crush The Competition

I take a top down and bottom up approach.

This means that I start with looking at the big picture. That means I'm looking at things like money supply, the economy, and corporate earnings. You may say that lots of people do that so what is so special. 

Ah, but I have studied these indicators and have developed proprietary indicators that turn concepts into specific investing rules that are proven to work. 

The green/red line is the yield curve which is the difference between short term interest rates and long term interest rates. ALL bear markets have been led by the yield curve going negative or turning red by ONE year! In other words, I will give you a one year advance notice of the next bear market!

This is what I mean by providing unique analysis. You haven't seen anything like it anywhere else. How else do you think that I can outperform the competition so easily?

This high level analysis tells me if we are in a bull or bear market and how strong it is going to be.

But this also means we are all set up ready for any bear market that comes along. We can make money in bear markets!

We Buy ONLY The Best Of The Best Stocks

The next thing is to find fantastic stocks to buy.

Once again, I use a proprietary method to identify great stocks. Frankly, I can't reveal my method but it is that method that got me the #1 ranking for newsletters and for managing the mutual funds I managed. 

In a nutshell, it is highly selective. We call these stocks Best of the Best stocks. Usually only an Elite Few can pass my strict criteria. We generally have between 5 and 15 stocks in the portfolio.

We Then Find The PERFECT Time To Buy And Sell

Using special techniques we have different times to purchase.  

Systems to never miss the big move.

Unique VIDEO Newsletter

This is not your usual boring newsletter; this is a video newsletter! I'm going to give you special briefing on how to make money in the markets that week. I issue it every Sunday night so you can be prepared to act on Monday morning. The video is about 20 minutes long.

In addition, I'll give you a sheet showing all our open trades and recommended trades. That makes it super convenient to use!

I asked my email list to tell me what is stopping them from making money trading. I got back almost 700 replies. I then created a video to show how to solve every one of the issues. Whatever is stopping you from trading success will be solved in one or more of the videos. Here is partial list of problems:

This unique book is all about the psychology of trading. The hardest part of trading is the psychology of trading. The intellectual skills of trading are trivial but the psychology is hard. This book will detail exactly what you need to do to get a psychology of massive wealth.

The book then shows you how being a trader will change your personality! You will become more:

  •  In Integrity: Traders must be honest with themselves

    Run A Profitable Investment Program.
    Amazing Specific Trades
    Learn What Really Drives Investment Profits


Special One Week

Only 26th Anniversary Special for the Annual Subscription!

That is over 35% off the monthly rate.


Good trading,
Courtney Smith

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