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Legendary trader Courtney Smith announces the Wealthbuilder Insider. The Wealthbuilder Insider is the ultimate education and coaching program in the world. It is designed to create for you:

  • A relaxed and joyful retirement
  • A legacy for your children
  • A better education for your children
  • The ability to take care of your parents in a way they deserve
  • A second income for you right now
  • Replace your current crappy job
  • Live where you want anywhere in the world

The Wealthbuilder Insider gives you this valuable information in an easy to use logical way. No overwhelm! Bite sized video instruction.

What You Will Learn:

  • Extreme Profits. This is an unbelievable risk management technique that turns risk management from a defensive strategy to an offensive weapon designed to dramatically boost your profits. This is the only course in the world on this topic.
  • How To Create A Trading Business. This is the only class in the world where you learn what to do to build a business from trading. Looks at trading from a totally different perspective. Revolutionary!
  • The most important investing decision is Asset Allocation. Yet nobody talks about it. But the amount of money you put into the market is more important than what stocks you pick or when you buy or sell them. Courtney teaches you an Asset Allocation System that is objective.
  • Complete guide to risk management. Controlling risk is the 2nd most important factor in trading success and this course is the most complete course in history. You will learn the exact techniques that Courtney and other hedge fund managers use to control your risk. No more big losers or big strings of losers. This one section could turn you from a trading loser to winner!
  • Make money at certain times of the year! Know when to increase or decrease the size of your positions. The stock market is very seasonal and you can use those seasonal price tendencies to significantly increase your profits during some times of the year and decrease your risk in other times. This course actually teaches you the seasonality of the market plus key sectors!
  • Pitbulls of the Dow is Courtney's enhancement of the Dogs of the Dow stock selection system. Much more profitable! It is also great if you are trying to increase your income from the market.
  • Pick which sectors will outperform. Use this analysis to find great stocks and ETFs to buy. These techniques are advanced techniques to know which sectors to buy.
  • How To Combine Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Another topic with great profit potential that is never discussed. How to use both fundamental and technical analysis to make more money than either separately. See how to use one to boost the profits of the other!
  • Learn multiple profitable technical trading systems. Learn 6 Day Swing, Trend Analysis, B BAnds, Channel Breakout and many more! Eash system is a cash machine and you will learn the rules for each and when to use them and how many to use at each time.
  • Want to know what the Smart Money is doing? Courtney teaches his version of On Balance Volume called the Purple Predictor. Find out what the Smart Money is doing. Don't get caught off guard. Jump on the trades the Smart Money is doing at the beginning of the trend!
  • Want to make money daily and weekly? Then you need to know how to day and swing trade the markets. But this is not staring at a screen all day. This is relaxed high frequency trading. Learn how to compound your money daily and weekly for even greater profits. No course like this in the world!
  • Now add option trading to get more profits and more flexibility and do things you can't do with stocks! Start from the beginning in your option education. Learn the basics then keep learning more and more strategies.
  • How to create income from option trading. Time to learn how to create a second or even primary income using options strategies. Pound out consistent profits week after week. Set up your trading calendar so you are cashing checks every week!
  • The MOST important factor in trading success is your psychology. The Insider contains extensive information on how to create a psychology that will allow you to make massive wealth. What you learn in this course will change your entire like and enable you to increase your trading profits.
  • Make money in bear markets! Don't just sit there losing money. Learn how to predict bear markets a year in advance!

Courtney does coaching!

Scientists have shown that having a mentor increases learning dramatically. It is one thing to take a course but you learn and actualize the learning at a higher and quicker level when you have a mentor. Your membership includes a special secret group where you have 24 hour access to Courtney. Ask him any question about the material you are learning and he will reply personally! Where else will you ever have access to an award winning trader and investor?

  • Questions about that week’s video instruction
  • Questions about the current global situation
  • Questions about your own personal trading
  • Questions about trading strategies
  • Questions about products for sale in the market
  • Questions about the psychology of trading

This coaching is incredibly valuable. You will get personalized answers to your questions. There is nothing like it in the world. Where else can you interact and learn live from someone of Courtney’s stature?

How Does It Work

Every week Courtney goes through his extensive collection of education and selects the best videos for you. He curates the content so you get a selection of techniques on all aspects of trading.

He then adds content to the curated content. This additional content could be:

  • Additional video
  • Quizzes
  • Case Studies
  • Workbooks
  • Software
  • Written material

All of this extra material enhance and expands your knowledge on the subject.

You design what material Courtney curates! Each coaching session Courtney will poll you to learn what you want to cover over the coming weeks. You design the education! Unheard of!

The Wealthbuilder Insider is designed by you so you get the most relevant education for YOU.

  • Want more day trading techniques? You got it!
  • Want more psychology? You got it?
  • What more macro economic techniques? You got it!
  • What more insights into stock selection? You got it!
  • This is your education! Maximize the value you get!

Brand New Advanced Techniques!

Each week, Courtney will create brand new instruction. This will include:

  • Brand new techniques never seen before
  • Nuances on existing techniques
  • Enhancements on existing techniques
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Software to enhance your education
  • Workbooks for existing techniques
  • Quizzes to enhance your understanding

This NEW instruction will all be never before revealed techniques and methods.

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Who is Courtney Smith?

Love From Our Customers

" Techniques that are given are proven, tested and clearly put to path so no reason not to succeed. Ah-ha moment was not only I could succeed but I could be a multi-millionaire in this lifetime.

- Ed B (TN)


If you focus on these techniques, you have the potential to make enough money on a monthly basis to quit your regular job. I think that is pretty awesome.

- Stef S (Columbus, OH)


"I wanted to send a testimonial because I've had such an amazing year trading the markets.

Ever since I took Options Success School a year ago I've been a profitable trader.

I follow the rules for channel breakout and lo and behold, I'm making money!

During the crash in March of this year I made as much money from trading as I would from working 6 months at my job. I was blown away! When Courtney says you can make life changing money with options, he's not kidding! Thank you for showing me how to be a money making machine."

Wall Street Winners has been amazing and I hope Courtney keeps doing live webinars.

Thanks again,

- Jacob (New York, NY) 2020

"Hey there, 

I have been really learning a lot listening in and being engaged.    

My only regret is not meeting you and Courtney few years earlier, but I am certainly glad I didn't meet you both a few years later.

Keep up the spirit of a teacher.  

- Les

I have been looking for this type of financial class for such a long time. He selected only the most powerful tools, best ones for us. 

Also touched on Psychology, I think it is the most important thing. Because with all the right tools, and techniques, if you don’t have the right psychology you will never make it. 

Thank you very much, Courtney. 

Talia from Bangkok

 I knew Courtney was good. But after attending this event, I found out he is even better. He has surpassed my expectations. I was trading for a few years, but I am becoming more confident.

Thank you, Courtney

- Eddie (New York, NY)

Here's What Our Clients Say About the Courses!

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Is this product for beginners?

Yes, this product is designed for beginners. It provides all the tools and resources you need to create effective landing pages without needing any technical experience or knowledge. We've included detailed tutorials and walkthroughs to help even the most novice user get up and running quickly. Additionally, our support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you

It is for everyone. Each week you will get new lessons for all levels of trading skill. Plus you can ask Courtney your newbie questions on the Courtney Coaching sessions!

Is there a guarantee?

Oddly, no. This is great stuff and you can cancel at any time.

Can I cancel my subscription then decide I want to come back at a later date?

No, if you cancel your subscription. YOU CANNOT RETURN. We are only providing the Wealthbuilder Insider to people who are serious about making money trading. No lame traders allowed. YOU ARE FOREWARNED!

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