Viewpoints of a Trader

The Art Of Trading

Wisdom By Courtney Smith

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In this book you will learn:

  • How to create Money Power. This powerful technique turns your trading into a well managed Trading Business. (Page 141)
  • Who you need to know best to make more money every year. (Page 11)
  • How often you will get Mega Moves where you make life changing money (Page 13)
  • What is the Big One and how to play it. This is where and how you make most of your money so you need to understand this deeply. (Page 166)
  • Why being creative will cause you to lose money. Want to be creative? Paint a picture not trade! (Page 41)
  • How having TOO MUCH capital can lead you to make stupid mistakes. (Page `46)
  • How to plan on being wrong and how to make money from being wrong. (Page 197)
  • How bull and bear markets differ and how you need to change your trading to make more money in these two different types of markets. (Page 21)
  • Detailed explanation of Courtney's worst trade ever and what he learned from it
  • The 5 worst things that can happen to a trader. How to dive deeply into this things so you don't care about them. (Page 63)
  • Why having a mentor can cut years from your learning curve which means you make more money sooner (Page 34)
  • How to keep cool with market chaos. The market is chaotic and that can scramble your brain. (Page
  • How to forecast markets accurately. Forecasting accurately is a major way to increase trading profits but nobody teaches you how to do it. Now you will know how to grow as a forecaster. (Page 113)
  • The Moment of Truth. What is it? How it guides you to massive profits. (Page 148)
  • Ride Your Horse. This concept corrected a major problem Courtney had trading and kept him profitable for the last 3 decades. (Page 100)
  • Forget painting, dancing, and writing! Trading is art too! (Page 82)
  • How to find and follow Good Research and dump Bad Research. Why work? Let others do the work for you! (Page 199)
  • How to be cool when the market is melting down around you. (Page 42)
  • Your first loss and how it will affect your trading career. (Page 79)
  • Your broker. How to use it and to not get burned by it. (Page 163)
  • How to make easy money. Most traders make trading hard. But this shows you how to make money easy. (Page 17)
  • How to make money with money. Your trading business doesn't sell shoes, it sells money. (Page 77)
  • How to play the Big One. The Big One is life changing money. Money that buys you expensive cars and houses. Gives you a great retirement. This is all about how to play Big Ones. (Page 168)
  • What everybody gets wrong. How executing flawlessly makes you more profitable every year for the rest of your life. (Page 19)
  • How you just plain screw it up all the time. Keep it simple, stupid! (Page 81)
  • Here is the role of dreams in your trading profits. (Page 172)
  • Oddly, you are probably not looking at cause and effect correctly. Virtually no trader does! (Page 26)
  • Goal setting is a powerful way to improve anything. But everybody sets the wrong goals in trading so their goal setting leads them down a path to losses. Are you making this common mistake? (Page 85)
  • Why are you trading? Another big mistake you are probably making. Of course you want to make money but that is not the correct reason if you want to maximize your profits! (Page 175)
  • Ever had 5 winning trades in a row? How about 5 losing trades in a row? What does it mean? What should you do after you get one of these streaks? What should you do during one of these streaks? (Page 28)
  • Are you losing money trading? One of the most common reasons is that you are fighting the market. Here is a simple way to stop that mistake. (Page 87)
  • Trading is a Hall of Mirrors. Trading reflects who you REALLY are. Each person looks into a different mirror and it reflects you back to you. With no distortions. (Page 177)
  • What kind of music do you like to listen to when you trade? Or is music distracting. Is silence the best environment for you to make money? (Page 31)
  • They never want to tell you that trading requires inner strength. Other books and trainers want to persuade you that all you have to do is use their special gizmo method and you will be rich. BS! (Page 89)
  • How to get advice. There is an unprofitable way to get advice and a profitable way to get advice. (Page 179)
  • One of the hardest parts of being a trader is that you are often alone. How to trade and not be alone. (Page 32)
  • How and why to rest. It sounds almost silly but many traders don't rest enough and don't know how to rest. This is a key reason why Courtney still trades every day including day trade at the age of 71! (Page 91)
  • How to find good information that will boost your profits. Most traders, (you?) rely on bad information and then are surprised when they lose money. (Page 181)
  • Why fundamental analysis is so important and how to do it. (Page 39)
  • A simple effective way to cut out distractions that are bleeding your account dry. (Page 93)
  • How to think and learn. This is a specific scientifically proven way to learn how to trade. (Page 184)
  • Learn the snippet of wisdom Courtney got from a fortune cookie. More profits! (Page 40)
  • How to have smart mistakes not dumb mistakes. (Page 107)
  • The Life Force of a Trader is more powerful than the average person. Traders may not always start out with more Life Force but being a trader increases their Life Force. (Page 186)
  • Does the market have you confused sometimes? How to get perspective so you can get back to making money. (Page 46)
  • How giving up is the death knell of a trader. (Page 109)
  • How stories twist your mind into losing money and how you are surrounded by these mind twisters. (Page 188)
  • Do you deserve to be rich? Find out the answer! (Page 50)
  • How luck affects your trading profits. (Page 111)
  • How flip flopping your positions increases your profits. (Page 191)
  • How playing pinball increased Courtney's profits. (Page 53)
  • How statistics lie and how to use them to become a better trader. (Page 116)
  • Learn how will power will stop many of the problems you have as a trader. (Page 195)
  • How to stop the fear in trading. This is a huge problem for most traders. Learn a concrete way to stop it. (Page 55)
  • Learn what to do when you make an error. 80% of errors do this. How to stop it. (Page 139)
  • Is Money the root of all evil? No! But this is what is... (Page 57)
  • Do you sometimes feel you have The Touch? Here's what it is, how it can harm you, and how to profit from it. (Page 150)
  • Legendary trader, WD Gann's Trading Rules. (Page 61)
  • The Correct way to calculate your risk. The second most important factor in trading success. (Page 132)
  • How much do you need to spend to be a successful trader? (Page 68)
  • How trading is a service to society! (Page 154)
  • What are the REAL assets of your trading business? (Page 70)
  • Is Chart Trading profitable? Should you use it? (Page 157)
  • Where in the world should you trade? (Page 72)
  • What is System Trading and how should you do it? (Page 160)
  • The unique method of curating your traders to constantly increase your profits for the rest of your life. (Page 74)
  • The ULTIMATE way to trade. (Page 162)
  • What is a Trader's Life like? It is not for every one but, if it is for you, there is nothing like it in the world. Live where and how and with who you want! (Page 205)
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  • Clients include Marty Schwartz, Michael Marcus, GM, McDonalds, Goldman Sachs, ING Bank

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