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 How you can know the secrets he used to never have a losing year in 50 years of trading!

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Hi! My name is Courtney Smith and I’ve been trading profitably for 50 years. I want to show you how I did it and how you can do it too.

I became a profitable trader in the early 1970. But, really, I was mainly lucky I was flopping around. Trying this and trying that. I was successful but it probably fell into the category of better lucky than smart.

But I was making money! But I didn’t really know what I was doing.

So I decided to really focus and try to master trading. I kept thinking about how much money I was making not really knowing what I was doing. How much could I make if I actually knew what I was doing.

I was also under a lot of pressure. I had to support a wife and child! I couldn’t fail!

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So I really started to try to understand the trading game.

It took awhile but I realized there there were four critical keys to trading stocks successfully. I couldn’t just master one, I had to master them all!

The four golden keys were:

  • Psychology
  • Risk management
  • ​Finding great stocks
  • ​Knowing when to buy and when to sell

Nearly everybody focuses on only the last one so, guess what, they fail.

Is this you:

  • Do you underperform the market?
  • Do you feel stress when you invest?
  • ​Do you feel in over your head?
  • Do you lose money? 
  • ​Do you fail to reach your goals?

You need to STOP and learn the foundations of making money in the stock market.

You need to learn how to get and execute the four golden keys before you go any further.

If you focus on these techniques, you have the potential to make enough money on a monthly basis to quit your regular job.

I think that is pretty awesome. 

Stef S.

Techniques that are given are proven, tested and clearly put to path so no reason not to succeed.

Ah-ha moment was not only I could succeed but I could be a multi-millionaire in this lifetime. 

Ed B.  

I have been looking for this type of financial class for such a long time. He selected only the most powerful tools, best ones for us.  Also touched on Psycology, I think it is the most important thing. Because with all the right tools, and techniques, if you don’t have the right psychology you will never make it.

Talia from Bangkok

I knew Courtney was good. But after attending this event, I found out he is even better. He has surpassed my expectations.

I was trading for a few years, but I am becoming more confident. Thank you, Courtney.

Eddie, Singapore

Since 2007, an amazing thing has happened… 

Thousands of people have taken control of their money. They got their money to work for them rather than them working for their money.

  • They no longer were struggling to meet their bills every month. No more money stress.
  • They finally were on their way to creating a great retirement for themselves in the future.
  • They were building a legacy for their children.
  • ​They were living their dream life.

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What is it that created this storm of excitement?

I released the first version of the Stock Success School in 2007 and have been enhancing and improving every year since. Now, thousands of people have taken the class and taken their lives down a less stressful path.

I’ll tell you all about the super successful Stock Success School in a minute but first let me show you some solid benefits of investing in the stock market that you may now know

Investors are billionaires.  

As you may know, compounding allows everyone to become a millionaire if they invest a modest amount of money and hold it in a mediocre investment for a period of time. All because of compounding.

Now imagine that you start with $5,000 but compound at 20% per year.

But can you make 20% per year? YES! If you do it right!

I’ve seen my students often do better than that! These are students that have take my amazing Stock Success School course. This course teaches you:

  • The Psychology of Successful Trading
  • How to control your risk
  • How to pick stock rockets
  • How to perfect your timing on entries and exits

In other words, it is the perfect course to show you how to make money in the market for the rest of your life.

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Stock Success School 2021 Online Course

Announcing New Course,
Stock Success School 2021

Here are some of the specific things you will learn:

  • How your parents screwed it up for you
  • How brokerage house analysts are idiots and how you will make a fortune from their idiocy
  • The one rule that 90% of retail and institutional investors use that nearly guarantees that they under perform the market
  • ​How you can buy high flying stocks that are really cheap 
  • ​How to conquer any type of fear 
  • ​How to know if management is doing a good job or not, in just one number 
  • ​One critical rule to guarantee you never lose all your money
  • ​How to compound your money geometrically not arithmetically
  • ​A unique way to diversify…through time
  • ​How to create a completely new identity of a Professional Trader
  • ​How to double, triple, or more the profits of everybody you know…without taking more risk

These are just a few of the many topics you will learn. This course is not like any other course on investing.  

I really want to make sure you will be successful, so I want to give you some incredible bonuses

Of course we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason in the first 30 days of owning this amazing course.

This foundational course is delivered to you in two ways. That’s right, you can attend online and in person.

When you join, you will immediately gain access to our online course so you can get going right now!

I really want to make sure you will be successful, so I want to give you some incredible bonuses:

Super Special Bonus #1

Come to our live event FREE...and bring a friend!

Once this damn covid is gone, we will be doing the Stock Success School as a live event again. You can attend any one of our events anywhere in the world absolutely free! And bring a friend for free too.

Now you can ingeract directly with Courtney! Ask your questions. Meet great new friends and reconnect with existing friends.

These live events are incredible and fun to attend. And you can attend free anywhere in the world. Just let us know where you want to attend and the name of your guest. Your guest will appreciate you a lot!

In the past we have given them in:

  • Singapore
  • London
  • Bangkok
  • ​Taiwan
  • ​Amsterdam
  • ​Rome
  • Johannesburg
  • ​Las Vegas
  • ​Orlando
  • ​Los Angeles
  • And many more

Taught By Master Trader Courtney Smith


I'm Courtney Smith.  Here are just a few of the things I've done in my 50 year career in investing:

  •  Mutual Funds: Managed the #1 Growth mutual fund in the US
  •  Hedge Funds: Managed the #1 Global Macro fund in the world
  •  Market Timer: Voted #1 Bond and Gold market timer in the US
  • Consistent: Never had a losing year in 45 years as a trader
  • Author: Had 10 books published on investing
  • Speaker: Spoken to hundreds of thousands of people around the world
  • Trainer: Taught his amazing systems to tens of thousands of people around the world
  • Financial Executive: Treasure of a Swiss bank and CEO of a major brokerage house

But, more importantly, I trade every day. That means I’m on the front lines with you using the exact techniques I teach in the course. I’m eating my own dog food so you know it tastes good!

I know how you feel and what you need to be successful and the Stock Success School 2021 will give it to you.

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Special Bonus #4 Report: How To Use The System In a Bear Market

Bear markets are inevitable. The system you learn in Stock Success School can be used to make many even in bear markets!

Why lose money in bear markets? That is a strong trend that can make you money.

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How To Pick A Broker

Everybody needs a broker to trade. But which one should you use?

This insightful guide tells you what to look for to make sure this important relationship meets your needs.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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You need to become the person you want to be. 

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