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The PURPLE PREDICTOR Will Make You Money By Showing You What The SMART MONEY Is Doing

Purple Predictor


Get X-Ray Vision To Know Where The Market Is Going...Before It Gets There!

This is a powerful video course that fully explains how to make money using the Purple Predictor. It shows you:

  • The complete rules for profitable trading systems 
  • The complete rules for the Purple Predictor
  • Insights from my 50 years of trading experience 
  • My "hidden secret" ways to turn unprofitable systems into profit machines 
  • I reveal the secret techniques I used to build that incredible track record 
  • Are you a swing trader or a position trader? I don't care! I've got techniques for everyone! 
  • How your twisted mind is sabotaging your trading and making you a loser and how to snap out of it 
  • Drop dead simple techniques that even your kids can do. Even if they don't really understand trading! 
  • Techniques of predicting tops and bottoms that work so well it is almost spooky 
  • Subscription to Trade Secrets, to get the latest news in the market and education.
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Stop guessing.

Time to know what the price is going to do!

Everybody knows that the Smart Money makes the Big Money. They are the ones that get in before you do and then they are the ones that sell to you because you are the sucker. They know more than anyone on the planet so they make the biggest money on the planet.

The Smart Money has the best analysis and the best tools. They have contacts you can only imagine.

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  • All modules of "The Purple Predictor Course"
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I can't wait for you to join us on this journey.

I guarantee this course is going to blow your mind. You will never look at a chart the same way ever again! You will instantly see what the Smart Money is doing. Guess what? The Smart Money usually makes the Big Money

-Courtney Smith

A little bit about Courtney Smith...

Courtney Smith is a 45 year veteran professional trader. He is the only man in history to:

1. Manage a #1 mutual fund

2. Manage a #1 hedge fund

3. Write a #1 stock newsletter

4. Write a #1 futures newsletter

5. Voted #1 gold market timer

6. Voted #1 bond market timer

He is the world’s most sought after investment trainer and has trained over 10,000 students.

He is the author of 10 investment books. He produces a 5 star rated podcast.

He was the treasurer of a Swiss bank, head of global derivatives for a major French bank, and head of research for

two American brokers. He has been the CEO of two brokerage houses.

He is currently the Chairman of and can be reached at

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