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I was sweating bullets. I was about to pull the trigger on a trade worth $1.2 billion.
That's billion with

I was about to make or lose millions.

I double checked my reasoning. I double checked the math. I calmed down. I knew the trade was going to be a killer profit. I felt confident. I took a deep breath and...

I pulled the trigger!

I did the trade! There was a long pause...tick tick.

And then the price began to move in my direction. I started to make money!

By the end of the first day, I had made over $1 million! I eventually made tens of millions on that trade.

It was one of my more memorable trades in my 45 year career as an investor. It was a huge trade, for sure, and very very profitable.

I want to show you how I made that Massive money...

But, first, here's a little background on me:

  • Number 1: Mutual fund manager
  •   Number 1: Hedge fund manager
  •   Number 1: Bond and gold market timer
  •   Head of Options Trading at a major French bank
  •   Treasurer of a Swiss bank
  •   Author of 10 books
  •   Most highly sought after Investment Trainer in the world
  •   Spoken to over 100,000 people
  •   Been on Television over 1000 times

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Trading Profits By Using Options...

Options can take your stock trading profits to a dramatically higher level...and cut risk at the same time!

As I write this, I have a position in ABX, American Barrick. I bought the January 2018 19 Call at $.63. It's now at $1.03 for a juicy profit of 63%! And I think I will make a lot more money! I'm still holding it!

At the same time, I couldn't lose more than the $.63 that I invested in the beginning. So limited risk with mammoth profit potential! You see why I love options?

I would have nice profit in the stock if I owned the stock, but my profit in the option is dramatically more profitable!

I'm also long GOLD, Randgold Resources. I've got the January 105 Call at $3.15. It's now at $6.05 for a monster profit of 92%!

I'd be up about 6% if I just bought the stock!

This highlights the first big advantage of trading options instead of stocks: much much much higher profit potential.

The second big advantage of options is the low investment needed. I only needed $63 to buy the first option and $315 for the second option. So you can invest in options with very little money. You don't need a big pile of money to trade options, just a few hundred dollars to get started.

A third great advantage of options is the limited risk of most trades. The most you can lose when you buy options is the initial purchase price. No need to monitor the market or put in stop loss orders. The options market automatically limits your risk! You can sleep easily at night!

"Options are like the ideal investment"

High profit potential, limited risk. Almost perfect.

You can buy them like a stock so they are easy to trade.

"But you need some basic info to trade options..."

It is best to know some basic info. You should know how options are named and what the Greeks are. The Greeks are four key indicators that tell you how the price of the option will respond to different changes in the market.

They aren't hard to learn but you do need to learn them to truly maximize your options trading profits.

As you can see, options are far more interesting to trade than stocks. Here are the reasons: 

  • More profit potential... 
  • More leverage... ​
  • Potentially less risk... 
  • And more...

But there are also many super cool and tricky things you can do with options that you can't do with any other instrument.

You can construct some amazing strategies that really will twist your mind but can be really profitable.

One of my favorite super cool techniques is called covered call writing but my version of it I call Covered Call Crushing. Why? Because most covered calls make you about 15% annual return. My Covered Call Crushing should make you over 50% annualized!

I used to manage a covered call mutual fund and I don't think I ever made over 16% per year and I was considered one of the best managers in the world!

Then I discovered a little know secret!

I discovered a secret formula for turbo boosting the profits in covered calls!

And the results were awesome.

I started really crushing the covered call strategy. My results astounded other professional investors.

There are so many ways to use options that I can't really sum them up here.

So I put together this Video Course from our 2 Day live Options Course to teach you these powerful and profitable techniquesincluding the Covered Call Crusher! 

Options Success School

Yes, this Video Course is the actual 2 Day live seminar we held in our exclusive classroom in Las Vegas.

Whereby, I reveal what you need to know to take advantage of what this options market can give you!

1st) I will start with the most basic info there is about options. How to name them. The Greeks. All the basic info you need. Even if you know nothing about options

2nd) I will reveal my techniques for making skyrocketing profits when the market move in one direction

3rd) I will reveal the exact rules and technique for my Covered Call Crusher! This one technique alone will more than pay for the seminar!

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