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Quit your damn job now!

Why do you keep working so hard? Aren't you tired of all the crap you have to put up with? The commute? Your boss? Even some of your coworkers! This course gives you the tools and knowledge to create an income using specific option strategies.

Create a second income now!

Of course, you want to first create a second income before jumping ship. So start now and create a second income. Spend just a few minutes a day finding and entering trades. Cash checks. You don't need a huge account to start. This is not for the top 1%. This is for someone like you that needs more money but only has a few thousand to start.

Here is just some of the powerful info in this course:


Covered Calls

This is a classic low risk strategy where you can outperform the stock market yet take much less risk. Courtney ran a covered call mutual fund for years and averaged 14% per year and never had a losing year. This is much better than the stock market did. But this lesson shows a more profitable version of what he did but with the same super low risk!


The Carry Trade

This is how the pro traders do the Covered Calls. And it ramps up the returns to 25% or more! But still retains the low risk of a covered call. This is a new lesson and is yours as a free bonus for signing up for Options Paychecks now! Learn how to use the concepts of the covered call but make twice as much money!


Naked Put Writing

It's scary but it is not if done write. Courtney teaches a way of doing this strategy that makes money 90% of the time and still has tight risk management. You can find good naked put writes almost every day.


Credit Spreads

How would you like a strategy where the broker pays you money to do the trade! That's right, you put on the trade and the broker immediately deposit money in your account! Sweet. Simple low risk strategy.


Straddle & Strangle Writes

Let's really rake in the cash! This strategy basically money if the price of the stock just does nothing. That's right, you can make money on boring stocks. No longer do you have to pick a direction to make money. You can now make money in boring markets and markets are often boring!

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Ratio Writes

Super cool strategy that locks in a profit if the market goes in one direction. But makes much more if the market moves in the other direction. You only lose if the market moves a large amount against you. Moves a little against you actually increases your profit. Crazy!


Tarzan Loves Jane

Super super super low risk strategy but has the potential to make a lot of money. Most trades end up making a little money but occasionally you hit a monster winner. Rarely, but possible, you can put on a trade with no risk! Amazing!


Calendar Spreads

Another low risk strategy that makes money from the relentless time decay that all options have. Sure it is like paint drying but you're getting paid to watch the paint dry!



You will learn two different butterfly strategies: modified butterfly and the, er, broken wing butterfly. Both are super low risk strategies that make money if the stock is stable or moves in your direction.


Tracking, Reporting, & Growing

Your business is an ever-evolving thing. Through tracking and reporting, we’ll continuously be your partner to make sure you continue to grow.


Isn't it time to take control of your life?

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How long is the course

It will probably take about 8 hours to complete. That includes some extra study time.

Who teaches the course?

Courtney Smith does all the lessons.

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