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The Options Navigator


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The OPTION Navigator Is:

  • Unique Trading and Investing Philosophy. Courtney Smith has been trading for 50 years with no losing years. His trading is based on Absolute Return investing, not Relative Return. This means low risk and high returns.
  • Get His Trades Before He Does Them. Courtney will alert you every time he is about to do a stock trade. You will receive a text alert and an email with the details of the buy and sell orders. Exact, not sort of. You will also receive a video where he explains why he is doing the trade and his strategy. Educational!
  • The trades are everything from trades designed to make massive money to trades designed to pound out paychecks. Courtney is looking to build large wealth but also make a living from trading options.
  • Educational and Insightful Videos. Courtney also puts out videos throughout the week where he educates you on how to use his unique techniques and also on major themes he is trading. This allows you a deeper understanding of how Courtney approaches the market and learn more techniques you can use yourself. This is worth the price of Stock Navigator alone.
  • All Trades Put On An Easy To Use Trade Sheet. Courtney's assistant puts all the trades on a spreadsheet that you have 24 hour access to where all trades and orders are placed. Easy and convenient!
  • Subscription to Wall Street Winners. Winner of Hulbert's prestigious award for most profitable newsletter for years in a row. You will receive your 20 minute video briefing on the market every Sunday night. Get ready for the week by watching Wall Street Winners and finding out what is really going on in the market. Not the usual blah blah blah. Our 25th year!
  • Communicate with Courtney. You can ask question to Courtney or comment any time of day or night and Courtney will respond. This dramatically increases the value of your membership. Interactive!

Wanted: Traders Who Want 5X Their Profits, Reclaim Their Freedom, and Live The Life THEY Deserve

About Courtney Smith

  • #1 Mutual Fund Manager
  • #1 Hedge Fund Manager
  • #1 Stock Newsletter
  • #1 Futures Newsletter
  • #1 Bond and gold market timer
  • On TV over 1000 times
  • CEO of two stock brokerage firms
  • Treasurer of Swiss Bank
  • Head of derivatives trading for major French bank
  • Author of 10 books on trading
  • Most sought after investment trainer in the world
  • Has trained over 100,000 people in investing
  • Clients include Marty Schwartz, Michael Marcus, GM, McDonalds, Goldman Sachs