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The Most Comprehensive Stock Investing Advisory And Trading Service In the World

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This is a comprehensive stock advisory service for the investor/trader who wants superior profits and performance

It is designed to provide deep insights, powerful analysis, and profitable trades for stock traders and investors.

Think of it as your personal news, analysis, and trading service.

You will receive:

  • Analysis of global and domestic events and how to make money from them.
  • Videos of Courtney Smith analyzing current events and how to make money from them.
  • Specific trades with Courtney giving you a video analysis of the trade so you can learn from a master and understand the thinking behind the trade. This gives you much greater confidence.
  • A trade sheet with all the open trades and orders so you can easily and simply keep track of everything.

Most of the information will be delivered to you via email and then posted to a secret site that only Members have access to. All information is put there in a secure location so you can access it at any time.

Every trade will come in an email with the specific entry and exit plan clearly spelled out. In addition, Courtney Smith will create a short video explaining the trade and the plan for the trade.

In addition, a short text message will be sent to you alerting you to the new trade so you can jump on it right away. No waiting forever to know what to do. The alert will enable you to do exactly what Courtney is doing in his own personal account. 

You see, these are Courtney’s actual trades he is doing in his own account. This is not some fake trading, it is real trading.

You will see and get:

  • Short term swing trades
  • Long term position trades designed to create massive profits 
  • Special situations like takeovers

The trades are for stocks though occasionally Courtney will use a long term option as a bonus trade.

The trades are using the same techniques that Courtney used when he was the Chief Investment Officer of a mutual fund company. He managed a growth fund to become the highest performing growth fund in the country!

These are the same techniques he used to create his stock newsletter and drove that to become the highest performing stock newsletter in the country for five years!

He is now revealing his trades and techniques for a select group of Charter Members.

This is not for everybody. Charter Members are people who are serious about making serious money. This is not for people dabbling. It is for people who desire superior performance. 

Wanted: Traders Who Want 5X Their Profits, Reclaim Their Freedom, and Live The Life THEY Deserve

About Courtney Smith

  • #1 Mutual Fund Manager
  • #1 Hedge Fund Manager
  • #1 Stock Newsletter
  • #1 Futures Newsletter
  • #1 Bond and gold market timer
  • On TV over 1000 times
  • CEO of two stock brokerage firms
  • Treasurer of Swiss Bank
  • Head of derivatives trading for major French bank
  • Author of 10 books on trading
  • Most sought after investment trainer in the world
  • Has trained over 100,000 people in investing
  • Clients include Marty Schwartz, Michael Marcus, GM, McDonalds, Goldman Sachs

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“Seeing the market through Courtney's eyes has really shifted how I approach everything about trading, from who I listen to, who I talk about it with, to how I perceive trading success. I have a money-making mentality about trading now, and it builds my confidence and builds my bank roll. What's not to love?“ John S. - Pennsylvania

Really enjoying the Macro Stuff and the Trades!!!

Bob C. Seattle, Washington