How To Pound Out Daily Profits!

Turn Your Trading Into A Money Making Machine Using Advanced

But Easy Swing Trading Techniques...


What You Get:

  • Instant access to the video online course, How To Quit Your Job Trading Stocks and Options ($5000)
  • Twice a week for 8 weeks - LIVE interactive live trading and instruction from Courtney Smith. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am ET (priceless)

What You Will Learn:

  • The single most important factor in making money in swing trading. It's so simple you will slap your head in amazement!
  • The Flipperoo Concept that allows you to buy at super cheap prices!
  • How and why you should buy when there are no sellers. No sellers is the most bulish situation!
  • How to buy when the sellers are exhausted and can't sell anymore.
  • How to swing trade with NO stop loss orders.
  • How to spot powerful running markets.
  • What to do when yout options become lotto tickets
  • When to double up the size of your positions and make a lot more money!
  • An ETF only technique that takes advantage of the less volatility of ETFs.
  • Know when to buy upside gaps or downside gaps. They mean different things!
  • How to buy short sharp countertrend moves.
  • Flowcharts to precisely know what to do when you are under pressure
  • How to trade when your stock goes up but the market goes down.
  • A powerful technique that will cause your trading to make more money every year...automatically.
  • How to crush risk while jacking up your profits.
  • Stunning profits from compounding your money all the time!
  • Learn EBTAS which gives you X-Ray vision to know exactly what the market is going to do next.

Your Teacher:

Courtney Smith

  • #1 Mutual Fund Manager
  • #1 Hedge Fund Manager
  • #1 Stock Newsletter
  • #1 Futures Newsletter
  • #1 Bond and gold market timer
  • On TV over 1000 times
  • CEO of two brokerage firms
  • Treasurer of Swiss Bank
  • Head of derivatives trading for major French bank
  • Director of Research for two brokerage firms
  • Author of 10 books on trading
  • Most sought after investment trainer in the world
  • Has trained over 100,000 people in investing
  • Clients include Marty Schwartz, Michael Marcus, GM, McDonalds, Goldman Sachs

Sign up for My Money Making Machine now and let Courtney share with you his incredible knowledge and coaching:


Past Students Are Excited!

"EBTAS (Every Bar Tells A Story) baby!!! It has TOTALLY changed the way I trade and approach trading!! I've transformed myself into becoming a successful Swing Trader using CS's methodologies from his MMMM class!! I still use a bottom down approach to figure out if the market is in a Bullish or Bearish trend then use the same approach to identify the sectors I want to trade either Bullish or Bearish but i now look at EBTAS trades after that to see the best setups agin either Bullish or Bearish and then finally confirm confirm confirm big time using MarketSmith technicals/fundamentals, Top 100 Stocks info, and SCTR reports to try to find the best of the best trades. SUPER EXCITED AND HAPPY of continuing my journey all due to Courtney's MMMM class, it's life changing!!"

- Vijay (Sparr, FL)

In MMMM Courtney explains complex treading techniques in easy to understand terms, provides real world examples of the nuances of various techniques, reviews your trades and provides suggestions on how to become a more effective trader based on the trades.

- Ron (Columbus, OH)


When will the live part begin?

You will get instant access to the How To Make A Living Trading Stocks and Options. The live trading, coaching, and instruction will start on Nov 1, 2022

What happens during live events?

They start at 9 am ET, one half hour before the market begins. Courtney then goes through his analysis to determine what trades he will do that day. After that, he usually teaches new techniques and/or nuances and/or enhancements to the techniques in the online course.

How many live events are there?

We do two events per week for 8 weeks. The events are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

How much is My Money Making Machine?

Tuition is $5000. There is no refund and no payment plan. You are getting a $5000 course plus the live trading, teaching, and coaching.

Are the live events interactive? Can I ask questions?

Absolutely. That is one major reason the live events are structured this way. We want to make sure you understand everything.

Is there live coaching?

Yes. Students can get coached live in two ways. First, ask during the live session! Second, send in your questions or trades and Courtney will analyze them and coach you on them.

Is this for me?

It's not for everybody. It is not for people who are slack and have no drive to make a lot of money or don't have time to commit. It is for people who are serious about making a living as a trader. Actually, we really want you to be a success so you actually can't sign up, you have to apply and we will call you to make sure you will be a good fit for the program and be successful.


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