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How to Profit

From A Bear Market!  

It is critical that you learn how to protect yourself and your family from the next Financial Crisis!

Remember 2020?

Remember 2008?

Do you remember:

  • Skyrocketing job loss
  • Banks going belly up?
  • Millions losing their homes?
  • Corporations collapsing?
  • And more...

The next Financial Crisis will be much worse!


Because we have a slew of new problems and nothing was done to cure the problems of the 2008 Financial Crisis. They are still there and getting bigger all the time!

This amazing and unique course will teach you:

  • What causes bear markets
  • How to predict when bear markets will happen so you can protect and profit
  • How to predict bear markets one year in advance. Get ready to make massive profits!
  • Leading indicators of bear markets. You know when it will hit before anyone else!
  • How to predict bear market tops and bottoms. Pinpoint the tops and bottoms to maximize profits!
  • Short term techniques to time your buys and sells. Use strict rules to enter and exit.
  • Long term techniques to time your buys and sells
  • How to use moving averages to time bear markets
  • Your Mega Time Strategy. This is the one Courtney uses!
  • What instruments will maximize your profits in a bear market. Why not make much more money?
  • How to find the Worst of the Worst stocks to short sell. These are the ones that will likely collapse giving you the best profits.
  • How to use options to turbo charge your profits. Maximum profits and limited risk!
  • How to know how many ETFs or options to hedge your current portfolio. Unique!
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Courtney's course on Making Money in Bear Market's is spectacular! It gives tremendous historical and current perspective on how to truly identify a bear market is coming, and what to do about it. This isn't just theory, but action! Keith, Phoenix, AZ. 

Bear Market course has information I have not found elsewhere - Michael, Laguna Niguel, CA

Courtney Smith always provides the BEST teaching materials hands down. No matter what course it is you are sure to get incredible insights you won't get anywhere else in the world! Courtney Smith has changed my life forever in the most amazing way! Brandon, Lancaster, SC.

How To Make Money In Bear Markets

This amazing new course will teach you all you need to know to:

  •  What is a bear market and a crash: You will learn the difference
  • What causes bear markets: You will learn the deep underlying reason bear markets happen
  •  How to predict bear markets waaaay in advance: Bear markets can be predicted up to one year in advance. Learn the easy techniques to see them in the future.
  • How to protect yourself and family from bear markets: There are three key techniques to protect your family's financial future. 
  • How to make massive profits in bear markets: You will learn which instruments to use and when to buy and sell to earn potentially life changing money in the coming bear market.

You MUST learn how to protect and profit in bear markets. You financial future depends on it.

This course is easy to understand because it comes in bite sized video instruction.

You will be given a lesson every day or two so you never get overwhelmed.

In addition, you will be given worksheets to help you make it all a reality.

Master Trader Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith is known as the Master Trader because of his incredible trading accomplishments over 50 years:

  •  Mutual Funds: Managed the #1 Growth mutual fund in the US
  •  Hedge Funds: Managed the #1 Global Macro fund in the world
  •  Market Timer: Voted #1 Bond and Gold market timer in the US
  • Consistent: Never had a losing year in 45 years as a trader
  • Author: Had 10 books published on investing
  • Speaker: Spoken to hundreds of thousands of people around the world
  • Trainer: Taught his amazing systems to tens of thousands of people around the world
  • Financial Executive: Treasure of a Swiss bank and CEO of a major brokerage house

But, more importantly, I trade every day. That means I’m on the front lines with you using the exact techniques I teach in the course. I’m eating my own dog food so you know it tastes good!

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